Rent To Own Sheds - Get The Space You Need Now

Rent To Own Sheds

Simpson Superior Structures LLC offers Oxford property owners a quality line of rent to own sheds to give you the extra space you need and the most building for your buck. From our Economy Gambrel RTO sheds that offer excellent storage for your riding lawnmower to our larger Garden Sheds and Cabin options that can be customized for a variety of applications, our rent to own sheds are built to the highest standards of quality.

If you're paying rent for a monthly storage unit, wouldn't that money be better spent on accessible storage in your own backyard? Let Simpson Superior Structures LLC help you save money with a better shed! Call us today at 256-452-4688 to find out more about our no credit check, same-as-cash, and zero-down payment options on our rent to own sheds.

Economy Sheds With Financing Available

Whether you're in the market for a small RTO shed to store your garden tools, are exploring options for expanding your living space, or have considered minimal living in a tiny home, Simpson Superior Structures LLC is the Oxford shed builder that can help you bring your ideas to life. Our economy and RTO sheds are a great option for expanding your Oxford property's useable space without having expensive costs up-front.

We offer easy financing through our lender networks for our Elite Series Sheds, along with a wide array of options for leasing and rent to own sheds - including options that require no credit check and no down payment. Make the Superior choice and call Simpson Superior Structures LLC to get started on your rent to own shed building project.

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

At Simpson Superior Structures LLC, we are the manufacturer of our rent to own sheds. You're not dealing with a salesperson who has to contact a builder with questions or wait for products to be shipped in from other areas. We build what we sell at Simpson Superior Structures LLC and we will not be undersold on comparable sheds - plus you can choose custom colors and options to bring your design ideas to life.

Why choose Simpson Superior Structures LLC for your rent to own shed?

  • 30+ Years Of Experience
  • Custom Builds
  • On-Site Builds
  • Economy Structures
  • Easy Financing & Rent To Own Options Available
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

In addition to our rent to own sheds, we build custom garages, workshops, tiny homes, and more. Check out the specifications and pricing for our RTO sheds and economy shed options below, then give us a call at 256-452-4688 and let's get started on your shed building project.

Our RTO Shed & Economy Shed Options

4 foot barn

Economy 4' Sidewall Gambrel

  • Full Pressure Treated Floors:
  • 4x4 runners, 2x6 joists 16" centers, and 3/4 inch T&G plywood
  • Walls 16" on center
  • 3-tab 30-year shingles
  • Custom Paint Color on New Builds.
  • Standard sizes are listed. Other sizes available upon request


Dimensions Price Dimensions Price
8X12X8 $3,120 8X16X8 $3,725
10X12X9 $3,780 10X16X9 $4,435
10X20X9 $5,100 10X24X9 $6,000
12X12X10 $4,075 12X16X10 $5,190
12X20X10 $6,180 12X24X10 $7,195
12X28X10 $8,395

6 foot barn

Budget 6' Sidewall Gambrel

Classic Barn design with more overhead space. Features include:

  • All Pressure Treated Floor!
  • 2x6 joists 16" On Center sitting on 4x4 runners
  • 3/4" T&G Flooring
  • Walls 16" On Center
  • 30-year 3-tab Shingles
  • Ridge vent



Dimensions Price Dimensions Price
8X12X9 $3300 8X16X9 $4550
10X12X10 $4400 10X16X10 $4800
10X20X10 $5650 10X24X10 $6400
10X28X10 $7200 10X32X10 $8000
12X12X10 $5000 12X16X10 $6000
12X20X10 $7400 12X24X10 $8600
12X28X10 $10,050 12X32X10 $11,000
12X36X10 $12,100 12X40X10 $13,600
16X16X11 $11,100 16X20X11 $12,300
16X24X11 $13,500 16X28X11 $15,000
16X32X11 $16,050 16X36X11 $18,150
16X40X11 $20,050

6 foot barn

Economy 6' Sidewall Gable

The Economy Gable features 6-foot sidewalls, a full-sized door, and solid wood construction. It's a cost-effective, efficient backyard shed that will store your lawnmower, children's bikes, and the gardening tools you use to keep your property looking good.

It features the same construction as our full-sized buildings but in a smaller product. As with all Bilt Rite Installed Storage Buildings, the economy storage shed features a variety of exciting add-ons and features to choose from.

A mainstay of our product line, the economy gable comes with the following:

  • 72" of clear head height
  • 4/12 roof pitch
  • 3-tab 30-year shingles
  • 2x6 floor on 16" center sitting on 3 4x4 runners
  • 3/4 inch T&G Flooring
  • Walls 16" on center
Dimensions Price Dimensions Price
8X8X8 $2,800 8X12X8 $3,300
8X16X8 $4,025 10X12X9 $3,950
10X16X9 $4,325 10X20X9 $5,050
10X24X9 $5,995

8 foot barn

Garden Shed 8' Sidewall

With our Smart Value Line, you can rest assured that you are getting the best bang for your buck! No matter if your needing a place to put your riding lawnmower, a garage for your motorcycle, or just need to clean out the garage, a Garden Shed can handle the task. Garden sheds can be built in several sizes ranging from 8x8 to 16x40 and beyond.


  • Leveled with solid concrete block
  • 4x6 Pressure Treated runners
  • 2x6 Pressure Treated floor joist 16" on center
  • 3/4" T&G Floor Decking
  • 16" on center wall studs
  • 8' sidewall
  • LP Smartsiding with a 40-year warranty
  • 3 Tab shingles or metal in the customer's choice of color. Shingles carry a 25-30 year warranty
  • Keyed lock
  • Customer's choice of door style
Dimensions Price Dimensions Price
8x12x10 $3000 (Garden Shed)
$3800 (Cabin)
8x16x10 $3900 (Garden Shed)
$4500 (Cabin)
8x20x10 $4900 (Garden Shed)
$5900 (Cabin)
10x12x10 $3900 (Garden Shed)
$4900 (Cabin)
10x16x10 $4400 (Garden Shed)
$5900 (Cabin)
10x20x10 $5600 (Garden Shed)
$7100 (Cabin)
10x24x10 $6600 (Garden Shed)
$7800 (Cabin)
10x28x10 $7600 (Garden Shed)
$8600 (Cabin)
10x32x10 $8600 (Garden Shed)
$9500 (Cabin)
12x16x11 $5500 (Garden Shed)
$6400 (Cabin)
12x20x11 $6500 (Garden Shed)
$7600 (Cabin)
12x24x11 $7500 (Garden Shed)
$8500 (Cabin)
12x28x11 $8500 (Garden Shed)
$10,100 (Cabin)
12x32x11 $9700 (Garden Shed)
$11,050 (Cabin)
12x36x11 $11,250 (Garden Shed)
$12,250 (Cabin)
12x40x11 $12,500 (Garden Shed)
$13,500 (Cabin)
14x20x11 $8100 (Garden Shed)
$9,800 (Cabin)
14x24x11 $9800 (Garden Shed)
$10,700 (Cabin)
14x28x11 $11,900 (Garden Shed)
$12,100 (Cabin)
14x32x11 $12,900 (Garden Shed)
$13,500 (Cabin)
14x36x11 $14,500 (Garden Shed)
$15,100 (Cabin)
14x40x11 $15,500 (Garden Shed)
$16,500 (Cabin)
16x16x12 $9800 (Garden Shed)
$11,050 (Cabin)
16x20x12 $10,800 (Garden Shed)
$12,100 (Cabin)
16x24x12 $11,500 (Garden Shed)
$13,200 (Cabin)
16x28x12 $12,600 (Garden Shed)
$14,100 (Cabin)
16x32x12 $14,350 (Garden Shed)
$15,500 (Cabin)
16x36x12 $15,800 (Garden Shed)
$16,900 (Cabin)
16x40x12 $17,500 (Garden Shed)
$18,800 (Cabin)

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